Black Lives Matter

Black lives matter, everyday. We write this with both hope and dismay—hope that the future is liberating for all, dismay in knowing that it's about time.

We're here for the long-term fight to end systemic racism and injustice, and to support new anti-racist systems. This company is another way for us to continue this lifelong mission. This has never been a moment. This is a movement.

We founded re—inc to reimagine the status quo in all we do and invite our community to join us. Our team represents different identities, orientations, and cultural backgrounds. We believe it’s not enough to reform or resist what’s not working in our society, we must reinvent and redesign it. We see this as an act of positivity and creativity. 

Right now, as millions of people worldwide fight for a new way forward, we see an opportunity to make an impact at the grassroots level with organizers on the frontlines of change. 

  • We're committed to continuing to equitably hire and support BIPOC creators and collaborators in our work. 
  • Over the last few months, we've donated proceeds from our BW Collection to support the Black Visions Collective, and made an immediate relief donation to #BlackLivesMatter
  • We'll donate proceeds from our Popsicle Collection to four grassroots organizations that focus on supporting and powering freedom, and share the organizations with you as we go.

We hope that you will join us in the fight to dismantle systems of injustice and reset our world. Find out ways to get involved here

Keep creating progress. Keep sparking hope. Keep reimagining the world around you. We are in this together.