Worn To Be Wild

"Worn to Be Wild" marks Tobin Heath's seventh artwork available to the public, and offers a departure from themes in her previous works. Designed and painted in Los Angeles, the piece is inspired by the iconic images of flower children gently placing flowers in the rifles of armed guards. It explores what it means to fight for the world you want, with openness and curiosity.

For Tobin, this is the path she's intentionally chosen, seeking abundant possibilities rather than limiting norms. This is the path that leads to the ability to truly marvel at the world, exploring its wonders without overstepping one's place in nature.

In the spirit of coming together to fight for a reimagined world, 17% of proceeds will benefit Partners In Health to champion their work in creating an equitable global response to COVID-19.

Hear from re—inc Creative Director Tobin Heath

Q: Why did you want to create a garment for your art auction?
A: Art is transient. I have always viewed our garments— how we make them, who makes them, and our intentional choices— as a part of the artfulness of re—inc. Every collection, when I’m going through design and sampling, I construct and deconstruct the pieces. Normally, this is a part of my creative process, but this time, I had you all and the art auction in mind. Blending the fashion design process with my personal art process was really cool. When you learn more about how something was made, you cannot help but marvel at the simplest things.

Q: What does “Field of Flowers” mean to you?

A: When you’re in a field of flowers, you’re free.
For this Collection, I was inspired by Flower Power: a social movement that had reimagination at its core. Instead of fighting against, the Flower Children fought for what they wanted. And what they wanted was peace and music and abundance and love and life and liberation. There’s nothing more powerful than nature and art combined with the beautiful human spirit.
Q: What makes you wild?
A: I think I have a curious spirit that has always made me climb up trees, search under rocks, and admire the magnificent colors from sunsets to wild fields of flowers.

"When you’re in a field of flowers, you’re free."

Accepting bids now through July 20th 9pm EDT.

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