When you care for yourself, you confirm your worthiness.

Inner peace often starts with care practices that offer calm and nourishment. When you care for yourself, you confirm your worthiness.

On August 7th, yoga, meditation, and mindfulness teacher Adina Crawford led a guided practice of inclusive movement and reflective meditation in our Reimagining Wellness: Yoga and Meditation exclusive membership event.

Adina’s goal: To bring more diversity and awareness to the mat, spreading the love of yoga and the belief that yoga is for everybody.

As Adina says, "You can’t give and help others from an empty bucket. You have to make sure your bucket is filled with the things you need."

Adina wears the Field of Flowers Cut Off in Delphinium.

There is no singular definition of wellness.

Here at re—inc, it’s our belief that inner peace and wellbeing offer the nourishment and strength to persevere. The ways in which we cultivate inner peace and calm, or “fill our bucket” as Adina puts it, are specific to each person’s unique and specific needs.

3 pieces of wisdom Adina gave to members:

1. Always keep your bucket filled, whatever that means to you.

2. In stressful times, take 3 deep breaths to inhale gratitude and exhale tension.

3. Remember that you're worthy and loved, and that everything we do is in community.

What fills your bucket?

This summer, we designed products to cultivate inner peace as part of the Field of Flowers Collection.

Reimagine your sanctuary.  
The Trash Pillow and “Prosperity & Peace” Blanket create comforting, cozy vibes.

Revitalize your journaling practice.  
"Peace and Prosperity" notebook is made with eco-conscious, recycled materials. We left the pages blank for ultimate creation space. Comes with a sticker sheet of limited edition Field of Flowers graphics. Add this notebook to your collection.

Reimagine your home.
Our "Peace As The New Power" about discovering how to love and nourish ourselves. This poster will brighten any room of your home or office.

Recharge and reset with products for well-being from the summer collection.

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