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Source Q&A with re—inc Creative Director Tobin Heath

Hear from re—inc Creative Director Tobin Heath about Source Collection. 

Source Collection

Hear from re—inc Creative Director Tobin Heath about Source Collection. 

Q: Source is coming out in the midst of the most troubling year of your life— what do these products mean to you?

A: I had the realization that the only thing guaranteed in life is that there will be storms. With this realization came the understanding that during these troubling times, I want to have an anchor so that I don’t get swept away. Source, for me, is the power of perspective.

When I started telling the Source story, I was thinking about how to create a sanctuary within one's self. 

Q: What about this collection are you most excited about? 

A: I love the simplicity of the designs. The colors are inspired by nature, so I chose cobalt, fog, rock, sand, and forest. Together, the collection evokes the synchronization of nature.

What I’m most proud of is the progress we’ve made in consciously creating products. The path of sustainable fashion is so narrow right now. We hope that as we continue to go down it, we make it wider. So that sustainable, slow fashion, isn’t even a choice. 

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