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RWB Collection artwork: “Liberté, Égalité, Défendez”

Each re—inc seasonal collection begins with an artwork by Creative Director, Tobin Heath. Discover more about “Liberté, Égalité, Défendez”. 

Our Fall/Winter ‘19 Collection began with artwork by re—inc Creative Director Tobin Heath.

Words from the artist:

These paintings are my interpretation of what our launch story meant to me. I painted these words in a grainy, gritty texture that represents the concrete, the fixed, the status quo. A lot of people have built things in and out of these words and structures. With the splash on the words, it is not only a cleansing and refreshing of those words, but also a sealant: a promise to protect them.

  • With love,
  • Tobin

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10% of proceeds were donated to A Blade of Grass NYC. Together, we raised $1500 to support artists enacting social change.


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