Reunite Capsule

The joy of togetherness will be felt by many this Summer. Under the light of the sun we’ll celebrate our global family and fight for the wellbeing of all.

We’ll gather to watch nations compete in Japan—together we’ll achieve dreams, build legends, and get inspired to do more.

By purchasing a product from the Reunite Capsule, you’re with us on this journey to create more access to well-being for all.

This summer, we're proud to support Partners In Health to champion their work in creating an equitable global response to COVID-19.

Let's reunite to activate change.

Currently, more developed, higher income countries are vaccinating their populations at far faster rates than less developed, lower income countries (source: JHU).

• 85% of the COVID-19 vaccine doses administered to date have gone to people in high-income and upper middle–income countries.
• The countries with the lowest gross domestic product per capita only have 0.3% of vaccine doses administered. (source: Science).

Partners in Health (PIH) is a social justice organization that responds to the moral imperative to provide high-quality health care globally to those who need it most. Core to re—inc's mission as well, PIH believes in a specific view of the world based on solidarity principles that compels us to expose injustice that leads to poverty and sickness to fight for the universal human right to health. Injustice is not accidental but a direct result of structural violence and oppression.

Let’s reunite to inspire and activate change.

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