Reset the Table Live

Our Reset the Table series started with in-person gatherings of Reimaginers and disruptors from different industries who boldly reimagine the status quo. When called to stay in our homes, we extended these conversations to Instagram Live. 

In Episode 7, re—inc co-founder Megan Rapinoe is joined by Patrisse Cullorrs, co-founder of Black Lives Matter, to discuss disrupting the status quo and power. We started by asking Patrisse “reimagine” questions from our Reset the Table Cards. We asked: 

In your everyday life, how do you disrupt the status quo? What does power look like? How could we change access to it?

“What are you feeling most passionate about? What are you feeling most moved by? Join an existing organization or movement, and if it is not in your community, start it.”

—Patrisse Cullors, artist + organizer

Revisit our conversation with Patrisse. Watch Reset the Table Live: Ep. 7.

Through these conversations, we hope to inspire thoughtful exploration, collaboration, and reflection with others. Have your own conversations with our Reset the Table Cards.

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