Origins of Reset The Table

We're living in a world in which old paradigms are being reinvented and reimagined. The status quo is being bucked. A new normal is bubbling to the surface. People who were once marginalized are leading the charge.

And yet, to truly reimagine a new world, we need to get beyond our individual experiences and see what others are doing. We need more dialogue among people who usually aren’t together.

For these reasons, we felt compelled to reset the table. In Los Angeles and New York City last year, we brought together a unique set of pioneers and changemakers who are rarely in the same room to have an intimate conversation. For these events, we created cards to spark a new kind of dialogue.

We heard from so many of you that you wanted these cards for your own conversations at home or at work. With the creation of these cards, we're inviting you to host intimate dialogues with family, friends, or colleagues.

Now more than ever, we must find ways to come together. No matter the circumstances, we can always listen to each other, learn, and openly consider new ideas. Our goal is to spark positive change in the world. This begins now.

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