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Reset The Table: A Return to NYC

To truly reimagine a new world, we need to get beyond our individual experiences and learn what others are doing. We need more dialogue amongst more people who usually aren’t...

To truly reimagine a new world, we need to get beyond our individual experiences and learn what others are doing. We need more dialogue amongst more people who usually aren’t together at the same table. Because of this, Reset the Table was reignited on November 15th, 2022, in New York City.

We gathered with a diverse group of pioneers who share a mission: equity and opportunity. The location: Les Trois Chevaux, the restaurant of talented chef and fellow warrior in reimagining the status quo, Angie Mar.

The mood was warm, reflective, and energetic.

Here’s an inside look at the event, takeaways, and some inspiration to make your own gatherings more meaningful.

Remember: You are part of a story bigger than you. Be an advocate.

There can be success without victory. Invaluable lessons and long-term ramifications live in activism.

The consensus: we make more impact when we come together.

From our guests, resources for provocation and changemaking:

+ As a Senior Editor at Fortune, Ellen McGirt established the race and culture beat in 2016. Ellen has received industry acclaim for raceAhead, her regular column on race and inclusion in corporate life and beyond. In 2020, Ellen and three Fortune colleagues created Where’s My Village?, a podcast about the childcare crisis in America -- and the stories of people who are trying to fix it.

+ Professor Katherine Franke founded Columbia Law School’s pioneering Center for Gender and Sexuality Law. A leading scholar of law, racial justice, and African American history, Professor Franke authored the 2019 book Repair: Redeeming the Promise of Abolition. Professor Franke argues that reparations for slavery are necessary, overdue, and possible.

+ Samantha Barry is the editor-in-chief of Glamour. In navigating a competitive and often inequitably paying media industry, Samantha has gleaned invaluable lessons – and ones she is passionate to share. Samantha’s particular experience with self-advocacy for career advancement and compensation is echoed in Glamour’s podcast She Makes Money Moves.

A final takeaway: we invite you to tap into the re—inc spirit by hosting your own Reset the Table gathering with family, friends, or colleagues, in person or from afar. Created with purpose by Christen Press, Megan Rapinoe, Tobin Heath, and Meghan Klingenberg, Reset the Table Cards inspire exploration, collaboration, and reflection. Use these conversation starters to dream big, think differently, and act with purpose.

Share your reimagined gatherings and takeaways with us on Instagram. Tag us @re__inc and use the hashtag #BoldlyReimagine.

A special thank you to our sponsors Silicon Valley Bank, Next Play Capital, and Greylock Partners, each of whom are dedicated to uplifting diverse changemakers for a better world. A bit about each:

+ Silicon Valley Bank is dedicated to making the global innovation economy a more diverse and equitable ecosystem.

+ With education efforts and investment opportunities, Next Play Capital provides a seat at the table for underrepresented groups.

+ Greylock Partners is dedicated to improving access and outcomes for people of color in the technology startup and venture capital ecosystem.

Photos by Charles Williams


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