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Redefining Norms with Indie-Pop Band Shallow Pools

Shallow Pools is Redefining Norms As An Indie-Pop Queer Band Q: Tell us a bit about yourself. Glynnis: I sing in shallow pools! Listening to and playing music has always...

Shallow Pools is Redefining Norms As An Indie-Pop Queer Band

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself.

Glynnis: I sing in shallow pools! Listening to and playing music has always been my number one and there’s nothing I love doing more! I’m also super passionate about human rights, animal rights, environmentalism, and how each of these topics intersect. I plan on going into social work later in life!

Haley: I play the bass in shallow pools! For work, I make crepes at a small cafe. My passions are making and playing music, video games, trying new restaurants, traveling, and practically any sport/activity that utilizes a board (skateboarding, snowboarding, skimboarding, paddle boarding). Other than shallow pools, my current projects I am moving towards pursuing in life are graphic design, producing music, and video game streaming.

Jess: I play guitar in shallow pools! Performing in front of a crowd is my biggest passion, though I’m pretty introverted when I’m not on stage. Outside of music, I like writing, playing tennis, and finding new vegan restaurants to try out! I also work as an editor for an online learning company, where I develop courses on various subjects!

Ali: I play the drums in shallow pools, and when I'm not doing that, I work as a videographer! I’m super lucky because I get to live, work, and create with my 3 best friends. I love writing songs, playing shows, going to the movies, and editing videos. Recently, I made my directorial debut with shallow pools’ music video for the song gardens!

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Q: re–inc is rooted in our founders' fight for equity as members of the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team. We're all about breaking norms and barriers society has placed on us. How do you reimagine the status quo?

Glynnis: I’m so lucky that I grew up in a home environment where my individuality and self expression were never stifled. Because of this, I feel like re-imagining norms is something I’ve done my whole life without even knowing it! Being a queer person, in and of itself, defies those societal barriers. As a community, we choose, every day, to be our true selves despite how we may be perceived by others. That empowerment and self-love is something that can still be looked at as “abnormal.” I think embracing yourself, your individuality, and seeing the beauty of the incredibly diverse world we live in, is a way to defy those norms and barriers. That’s something that has taken a long time for me to fully embrace, but getting there is so worth it, and I want to help others get there too. :)

Jess: The music industry is predominantly made up of straight, white, cis men. As a group of 4 queer individuals, we constantly challenge industry norms and push to create a more inclusive environment. One of the ways we do this is to be intentional about who we choose to work with, such as photographers and videographers. We want to make sure that the music industry is inclusive of all races, genders, and sexualities in every aspect, including behind the scenes.

Ali: That is a GREAT question! I feel like I just try to authentically live for myself despite what might be a “standard.” Film and music are both very male-dominated fields, so just existing in those spaces is reimagining a norm! Playing in a band with a group of queer people and me being a drummer is always surprising to people. I get a lot of backhanded compliments or comments assuming I don’t know what I’m doing, and I love to prove those people wrong and continue making things for myself in hopes that seeing me do this normalizes it for others!

Haley: I think this is such an important quest in life. As a queer person, I have to reimagine norms and barriers every day. Something I am very passionate about is dismantling the prevalence of sexism, ableism, and homophobia in the gaming community.

Although you see a lot of gamers now who are not cis, straight, white men, and many gaming companies have created controllers that suit the needs of all gamers, the community still remains a large part cis, straight, white men who bully other gamers and use homophobic, sexist, racist, and ableist slurs on the regular. I think being a queer gamer alone is defying those norms and barriers, but also standing up to those who are brining the community down is important as well.

"As a group of 4 queer individuals, we constantly challenge industry norms and push to create a more inclusive environment." — Jess

Q: What's brought you the most joy this summer?

Glynnis: That’s 100% getting vaccinated and being able to play our first live show since the beginning of the pandemic! We got to play an outdoor festival and it was such an amazing day! The community we’ve made through playing music is so important to me, and over the last year and a half, it was hard not being able to be together physically. Seeing people we haven’t seen in ages coming together for something we all love was amazing! That day, we met a young fan who was just so happy and excited to be there—you could tell they really connected with us and our music. Seeing the positive impact we can have on people brings me the most joy!

Haley: Being vaccinated and finally being able to do some of the things we used to do a year and a half ago. Little things like going out to eat, going to an outdoor market or an art museum, being able to practice together as a band at a practice space, and so much more. These things have made me feel like a person again, and like I have rediscovered myself.

Jess: Playing our first show in over a year and a half at an outdoor festival made me so happy! It was incredible to see so many new and familiar faces singing along to our songs and celebrating the return of live music! We got to meet so many people, listen to some amazing artists, and play songs that we’ve never had a chance to play live before. I realized that while I’ve missed playing music so much, I’ve also really missed the community that live music creates. Meeting others that share the same passion is one of the best parts of being in a band!

Ali: Being vaccinated and playing my first show since February 2020! We got to make a lot of cool content during the pandemic since we all live together, but we didn’t get to play a live show for 525 DAYS! Getting to feel the energy of a crowd and see young queer people so excited about our set reminded me why I love playing so much!

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Q: One of the themes from our summer collection is redefining peace and well-being. How do you nourish yourself or cultivate self-love and inner peace?

Glynnis: Over the past year I started going to therapy, and my favorite thing I’ve learned is the importance of practicing mindfulness. I struggle with ADHD and anxiety, which are things that had a very tight grip on my life. But through mindfulness, reminding myself to be present in the moment, and being intentional with my thoughts and reactions, I’ve found so much more peace. One thing in particular that helps me is deep breathing. If I’m feeling anxious, angry, scared, etc. I close my eyes and take a few deep breaths. Despite how simple it sounds, it really makes a huge impact on my mood. Peace and well-being are tough to come by in times like these, but it’s super important to take any chance you have to remind yourself of the things you’re grateful for and to find joy in the little things!

Haley: I always need to take time alone to recharge and recenter myself. That could be sitting outside, going for a drive, or really immersing myself in a game or podcast. Taking time alone to do something I really enjoy and make myself happy is what I feel cultivating self-love is.

Jess: Something I’ve learned over the last few months is that it’s important to take time to sit with yourself and recognize your needs. I used to think that if I wasn’t constantly working or creating, I was being unproductive. Recently, I’ve realized that intentionally taking the time to sit with myself allows me to cultivate inner peace—a feeling that re-energizes me and helps me continue to do what I love most.

Ali: Recently, I started going places and doing things alone if my friends are busy or aren't interested, and I've honestly found it pretty empowering/nourishing! I love trying out new coffee shops and breweries, going to the movies, and just driving around by myself, listening to music, and thinking!

  1. Q: This summer we explore the idea of elevated states to higher self and collective liberation. What makes you feel most elevated and free in spirit?  

Glynnis: Singing is something that truly makes me feel alive. I’ve loved doing it my whole life, and the feeling it gives me is unlike anything else. Having the opportunity to express myself through art like that is so freeing!

Haley: I feel this way when I’m playing live music and when I’m trying new foods.

Jess: I think there is freedom in fully embracing who you are, and I’m learning to practice this in my own life. I’ve spent a lot of time hiding different facets of my personality, but I’m learning how to let go of the fear of standing out or going against the “norm.” When I accept myself as I am, I’m at my most elevated state, and I can transcend mental barriers. Expressing my creativity also helps me feel free in spirit, so I’m constantly elevated by writing and playing music.

Ali: When I'm learning or trying something new! It could be anything from going to a new restaurant, to traveling, to learning about an actor in one of my favorite TV shows! Learning about the people, places, and things that I love really inspires me and makes me feel connected, and sharing that knowledge with others gets me so excited about life!

Check out shallow pools' work at How will you redefine norms?
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