How singer and songwriter Sky redefines healing and growth through music and friendship.

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself.
A: I am a progressive r&b singer/songwriter currently living in east L.A. with my dog, Beans (from Even Stevens). I fundamentally believe that my soul came here to be the love that I feel, and to sing.
I am passionate about (*run-on sentence incoming*) healing work, making music that moves me (and hopefully others) with people that I love, holding space for women and queer people witb heart and integrity… and, as cheesy as it sounds - being a friend.
I make music with my two childhood best friends and we just recently released our first project! It’s commentary through a journey I had with the stages of grieving called Good Grief! We worked on that for years, so we’ve been resting, and now we’re working on a second project and letting ourselves be creative in new ways.

Q: So much of our company is rooted in the re—inc founders' own quest to reimagine norms and barriers society has placed on us. How do you defy or reimagine norms in your daily life (could be related to your self-expression, creative outlets, work etc.)?
A: In my writing for the Good Grief project specifically, I really worked to evolve what loving people looked like for me, and the expectations I put on myself and others.

Glennon Doyle once wrote that “grief is love’s souvenir.” Plainly, it’s the proof we lived through the hard sh*t. I’ve also heard it said that grief is just “love with nowhere to go.” You can avoid it, or shove it, and maybe that’s more comfortable for awhile, but why?

In everything, there is an inverse reaction. In every “happy,” there is a “sad.” Both are deeply necessary, and it’s up to us to download this fullness from our experiences.

The Law of Correspondence says that there’s harmony between the physical, mental, and spiritual experience: "As above, so below; as below, so above." Our outer world is a reflection of what’s happening inside of us, and vice versa. When we’re loving, that manifests in our day-to-day circumstances. When we’re grieving, same thing.

I’m reimagining what it looks like to be a “multi-hyphenate” woman by taking care of myself, and the collective, however I can. To have things I’ve never seen modeled for me before, to heal, to love fully and creatively, and to attract the journey here that my soul desires without judgement.

"I’m reimagining what it looks like to be a “multi-hyphenate” woman by taking care of myself, and the collective, however I can."

Q: What's brought you the most joy this past summer?
A: I’m in this lightning-in-a-bottle-episode-of-Friends situation right now where my best friends all live within a block of each other. We get to see each other every day.
Q: One of our core beliefs is that you must nourish yourself in order to persevere and create. How do you nourish yourself or cultivate self-love and inner peace?
A: I love this! We have a lyric in one of our songs that goes, “Nice to myself. Care for my health. Taking good advice on how to let go, on how to move forward. I raised the price to be in my life and now, I pay the tab. I let your debt go, I let myself grow.” (Was I talking about an a****** ex? Yes. Is this applicable anyway? Also yes.)

I grew up such a fearful, hyper-perfectionist and ‘yes’ gal. It took years to dismantle the roots of that (and I’m still working on it). But honestly, on the other side of 2020, I have this refreshed, divine knowing. The clarity and the gifts that the universe has given, or I’ve attracted feels genuinely...wild.

My wish is that every community would have equitable access to wellness and mental health resources to be able to start exploring themselves, address traumas, and engage in the road to healing safely.

I’m a huge breathwork and journaling advocate (my iPhone notes are...yikes). When I’m writing songs, I just pull from my journals. It’s a great (and free) way to archive waves you want to revisit and a tool for finding peace within a feeling.

Q: Our most recent collection, Field of Flowers, explores the idea of elevated states to higher self and collective liberation. What makes you feel most elevated and free in spirit?
A: Oh, wow. Community. Friendship. Feeling supported and held by people who love me unconditionally and being able to extend that back. Know that no matter how isolated your negative emotions can make you feel, you are never truly alone.
Check out Sky's work at . How do you reimagine collective healing and community?

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