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Q&A with re—inc Creative Director Tobin Heath

“Proxemics” is Creative Director Tobin Heath’s third re—inc Collection piece. Hear more about the ideation and creation of this artwork.

“Proxemics” is Creative Director Tobin Heath’s third re—inc Collection piece. Read more about the ideation and creation of this artwork. 

Q: How are you creating during quarantine?

A: I’ve been experimenting with different techniques, styles, and modalities. Everything from dyeing tees with flowers … to screen-printing … to sewing … and of course painting. I’ve never been in one place for this long. Normally, that would be unsettling. Through art, I’m able to use my imagination to go places, so I don’t feel stuck.

Q: You are known to use art to inspire your products, what does "Proxemics" tell us about the upcoming collection?

A: My intention in starting this painting was to find the space between the tension of BW and the freedom of our next collection, called the Popsicle Collection. Popsicle is about finding yourself and ultimately being free to be.

So our collection has a vibrance and youthfulness to it. It’s centered around the simple idea of a moment of bliss and presence, eating a popsicle in the summer sun. And then, in a strange and social-distanced world, in the middle of a long-needed social rights revolution, “Proxemics” took on new and unexpected meanings.

The process of creating this painting was an explorative journey as I tried to better understand what freedom truly means and feels like for different people. I don’t have all the answers, but “Proxemics” helped me find my questions. Our upcoming collection will begin here.

Q: Tell us what it was like sharing your art for the first time. Were you surprised at its reception?

A: I think art is such an intense form of expression. Sharing it should feel uncomfortable because it contains a piece of you. I had to learn at an early age not to do things for the approval of others. So if you like it, cool. And if you don’t, that’s cool.

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17% of proceeds from the art auction were donated to Black Trans Femmes in the Arts. Explore Popsicle Collection.


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