Gamer Collection was inspired by our fight on and off the field for progress through creativity and art. It’s dedicated to the folks leading the fight for gender and racial equity in ways that reimagine the status quo. Our definition of Gamer: anybody who uses their craft to boldly disrupt oppressive structures.
Meet Courtne- entrepreneur, founder & CEO of tech startup NewNew, and formerly on grammy-award winning artist Drake’s management team.

We asked Courtne a few questions...

Q: Our Spring 2021 collection, Gamer, stems from our fight for pay equity as members of the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team. It’s about breaking norms and barriers—how do you defy norms in your life?
A: Being a Black female in tech has come with its own barriers, but it’s been a challenge I’ve enjoyed taking on. I believe if you do your best, work your hardest and prove your value, then you’ll eventually get the recognition you deserve. I challenge myself to be a better person than I was yesterday and to always learn something new.

"I challenge myself to be a better person than I was yesterday and to always learn something new."

Q: One of the themes from the collection is "Smash Patriarchy." The game has changed, yet there's many outdated rules that need to be reinvented. What are you reinventing or believe needs to be reinvented to get beyond patriarchy?
A: Change won’t happen overnight. If we collectively continue to kick ass, it will get harder and harder to ignore us. Stepping up to the plate and opening the door for other women to have an opportunity will help push us forward.
Q: How do you keep your creative spark alive?
A: I find new opportunities in everything on a daily basis and I get inspired by all people, places and things. My genuine sense of curiosity keeps my spark alive and as long as I have that, I’ll always be able to stay creative and be engaged.
Q: Gamer Collection was inspired by the games of our childhood—what was your favorite game growing up?
A: Crash Bandicoot! I loved the nonstop adventure and the pressure of getting to the next level. I’d play for hours. I recently started playing it again and it’s just as fun as it was back in the day!
Follow Courtne’s journey on instagram @courtnebianca, and check out NewNew, a social decision-making app where users join groups to control the everyday decisions of others. How are you using your craft to boldly disrupt?


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