Boldly reimagine.

We created re—inc in 2019 to boldly reimagine the status quo.
We champion equity, creativity, progress, and art in all we do.
We create collections, content, and community that propel changemakers to boldly reimagine the world around them.
There's so much in our world we need to reimagine, but this year we're taking a different approach - we’re focusing our efforts to boldly reimagine gender equity.

Since our founding in 2019, we've partnered with 15+ grassroots organizations to amplify their work and have donated over $100,000 to their causes.

In 2022, we’re focusing our efforts to boldly reimagine gender equity.

Why gender & why now?

Gender inequality has increased during the pandemic, with more women than men leaving the workplace.

Violence towards transgender and gender nonconforming people is on the rise.

The gender pay gap disproportionately impacts women of color.

A groundswell of people are questioning gender binaries and
are ready for a new normal.

Reimagining gender equity means:

Celebrating underrepresented voices. Creating safe and equitable workplaces for all. Amplifying women in male-centered arenas. Supporting racial justice and liberation. Exploring gender identity and sexual orientation. Questioning norms and bucking the old rules. Gathering together to artfully create progress.

We'll partner with leading gender equity organizations to create change with them, and offer proceeds to fuel their mission. We’ll share with our community the tools, workshops, and inspiration to take action.

“The re—inc motto, “again, but better” is our creative fuel. That means this space will continue to revolve and evolve. Together, we’ll be on a never-ending and ascending path to boldly reimagine… everything.”

Christen Press

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