Visiting NYC for Pride?

History matters. Representation matters. Celebrate pride as a protest, and a party. Pay homage to historic moments and figures of the movement with our specially curated Queer Walking Tour created in collaboration with reimaginer and community member Allison Zerkle (she/her).

From the big names such as the Stonewall Inn, to the lesser known hidden history gems such as Eve's hangout, we've got your Pride weekend covered.

Click on each pinned location on the map to learn more about the significance of each landmark.

Pictured above: Bethesda Fountain and Terrace, 1901. Photo by Detroit Photographic Co. Source: Library of Congress. Angel of the Waters is the earliest commissioned public artwork in New York by a woman, Emma Stebbins, and also the only sculpture sanctioned as a part of the early design of the park. At the time the sculpture was commissioned, Stebbins was living with her lover and leading actress, Charlotte Cushman, and was one of a number of lesbian artists at the time known as the “female jolly bachelors”.  

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