Greetings Joyful Warriors.

A new semester begins.
With the lighting of a match, we feel all the rage.
With the beating of a drum, we bury patriarchy for good.
We invite gender norms to rest in peace.
Together, we attend the University of Bodily Autonomy—and vote like our life depends on it.
We’re still Queer. Queer. Queer.
We erase the gender spectrum and draw a gender star.
The bell rings, and we’re out the door.
Ready to reimagine it all.

All The Rage

With this new collection we're drawing awareness to the beauty of gender freedom and calling attention to gender injustice and abortion rights. With this collection we want to celebrate people who are courageously living their truth and fighting for gender and body progress.

Between July and October, re—inc is partnering with Gender Justice LA, a grassroots social justice organization led by and for gender non-conforming, two spirit, Black, Indigenous, trans people of color in LA. We’re donating a portion of all sales to their cause and will be amplifying actions you can take to join them. Learn more about Gender Justice LA.