Meet Quani Burnett: Inclusive Beauty & Equity Advocate

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself.
A: My name is Quani, and I’m a Creator, writer, and strategist behind Beauty4BrownSkin; my personal platform through which I explore pushing the agenda of inclusivity in the beauty space through advocacy, thoughtful content, and community.

I am also the Marketing Manager, Community + Inclusion Strategist for Youth To The People, a clean vegan skincare line.

Q: So much of our company is rooted in the re—inc founders' own quest to reimagine norms and barriers society has placed on us. How do you defy or reimagine norms in your daily life (could be related to your self-expression, creative outlets, work etc.)?
A: I am deeply connected to well-being and health. I was a Physical Therapist serving spinal cord injured Veterans where I found purpose in being of service.

In this newfound career in beauty, the theme of being of service still remains true. Focusing on the progression and well-being by advancing equity and opportunities for creators of color or those marginalized supports the progression and well-being for us all.

Q: One of our core beliefs is that you must nourish yourself in order to persevere and create. How do you nourish yourself or cultivate self-love and inner peace?
A: It may not sound pretty, but cultivating inner peace has been going to therapy. I struggle with feelings of anxiousness and sadness often and being able to actively work through challenges has done wonders on my peace. Even now, in this moment I am learning that it is possible to have peace in the midst of chaos, challenges, and struggles.

"Even now, in this moment I am learning that it is possible to have peace in the midst of chaos, challenges, and struggles."

Q: At the end of each season, we reflect. What's brought you the most joy this past summer?
A: Comm(Unity). This summer I’ve been immensely fortunate to meet and authentically connect with inspiring individuals that are defying odds, curating culture and community, and showing that anything is possible.
Before Beauty4BrownSkin I lacked community in my life and now both my professional and personal interests have merged into what feels like my purpose in life.

Q: Our most recent collection, Field of Flowers, explores the idea of elevated states to higher self and collective liberation. What makes you feel most elevated and free in spirit?
A: I feel most elevated when I’m able to be my truest self with those who seek to understand me. As a Black woman, I am constantly navigating spaces that weren’t designed for me and it’s been a beautiful journey of meeting people who encourage me to be myself while pushing me to believe that I can achieve my highest of dreams.
Follow Quani Burnett's journey on instagram @beauty4brownskin. How do you reimagine inclusive beauty and community well-being?

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