Founded by World Cup champions & equal pay trailblazers, re—inc was built to create a more inclusive & equitable future for all.

Purpose-led. Community-driven. Impact-focused.

We founded re—inc with the intention of creating a larger impact together than any of us can make individually.

Societal transformation happens through a constellation of people and activities.

At re—inc we see impact through 6 lenses:


We are a BIPOC/women-owned and operated brand that intentionally hires people with a diversity of backgrounds and experiences, believing that there's power in differences. We foster a sense of belonging on our team, leading with purpose and fighting for equity.


We partner with entrepreneurs and companies who are united in our mission. We partner and uplift the work of creative visionaries who haven't always gotten enough light.


We offer a new narrative that puts people who want to reimagine our world at the center. We create stories that offer strength, inspiration, and show positive possibility.


We work with factories and artisans that are aligned with our vision. We are constantly improving aspects of our product supply chain to make it increasingly environmental and ethical. We believe in repurposing and renewing products. We are actively pursuing paths to create a closed loop production cycle.


We partner with grassroots organizations to amplify their work within communities. We've given over $150,000 to mostly Black and women-led organizations since we founded our company in 2019.


We hope to put positivity and provocation into the world, offering replenishment rather than depletion. We believe that everyone deserves to be well, and companies have a responsibility in this. Through our employee wellness benefits, membership, and content, we offer our community ways to find wellbeing in their own lives.

Want to be a part of our collective impact?

Join the re—inc membership, a reimagined community where you’ll find the tools, conversations, and friends you need to create change.