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Written In The Stars: A Color Story

A behind-the-scenes look at our 2023 World Cup collection, Written in the Stars.

When we shoot for the moon, we land among the stars, finding the story written there — daring to dream together makes the impossible achievable.

This summer, athletes, trailblazers, and activists will take the field at the World Cup. Records will be broken, expectations will be shattered, and our collective reimagination will continue in the fight for equity and progress.

The incredible history of the World Cup, as well as the greats who have played the beautiful game, are the inspiration behind the color names of our Written in the Stars collection.

Billions Blue

According to statistics compiled ahead of the tournament, the World Cup this summer is projected to reach two billion viewers worldwide! That’s nearly a quarter of the world’s population and a 79% increase in viewership from the 2019 World Cup.

Ceilings will be shattered, records will be broken, making the World Cup this summer a tournament to remember.

Ma Li Midnight

In 1991, the very first Women’s World Cup was held in China. At Tianhe Stadium in Guangzhou, China opened the tournament against Norway. In that match, Ma Li notched the opening goal, scoring the very first goal in Women’s World Cup history.

To honor Ma Li’s historical contribution to World Cup history, we have named our Midnight color after her.

Mrs. Graham’s Green

Known under the pseudonym Mrs. Graham, Helen Matthews played a leading role as goalkeeper and captain of ‘Mrs. Graham’s XI.’ Although it is believed she founded the first women's teams in 1881, it is not backed by any sources. Regardless, she was incredibly significant in the history of women’s football, both as a sports journalist and as a pillar of the British Ladies Football Club alongside legends like ‘Nettie Honeyball’, Emma Clarke, and Lady Florence Dixie.

In reference to Helen Matthews’ legacy, our forest green color bears the name Mrs. Graham’s Green.

Allez Gold

In the summer of 2019 in France, the United States Women’s National Team became World Cup Champions, playing their way to victory to the chorus of “Equal Pay!” To honor that historic moment and chant, and our continued push for equity, we have named our golden yellow color after the French word allez, meaning “Go on!”

Go on for gold, go on for equal pay!

Ranger Rose

Beverly Ranger was a star of women’s football in the 1970s. Ranger was a Jamaican-born football player whose career began in England, playing for teams like Watford FC and Amersham Town FC. She then took her career to Germany where she made a name for herself, winning the league title with Bonner SC and scoring ARD’s “Goal of the Month.” During her career, she earned a sponsorship deal with Puma and reportedly was one of the first female footballers to earn a living from playing.

Ranger helped boost the popularity of women’s football in Germany and was a true trailblazer, which is why she is the inspiration behind the name of our rose-pink color.


There have been many greats in women’s football — Mia Hamm, Homare Sawa, Marta, Birgit Prinz, Sun Wen, Kelly Smith — the list goes on.

This color honors all the GOATs, or Greatest Of All Time players, who paved the way. 


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