Sustainable & ethical practices are at the core of Source Collection

We’re driven to reinvent and reimagine our manufacturing processes to create a more positive impact on this earth.

Conventional methods of production often overlook human and environmental rights. According to the World Bank, the traditional fashion industry:

∙ Is responsible for 10% of annual global carbon emissions—more than all international flights and maritime shipping combined.
∙ Uses 93 billion cubic meters of water—enough to meet the consumption needs of 5 million people.
∙ Incinerates or sends to landfills 87% of the total fiber input used for clothing.

A firm sense of responsibility to this planet and ethical practices guided the decisions we made about the materials used in and manufacturing of our F/W Collection, Source.

“I’m most proud of the progress we’ve made in consciously creating products. The path of sustainable fashion is so narrow right now. We hope that as we continue to go down it, we make it wider, so that sustainable, slow fashion isn’t even a choice.”

— Tobin Heath, re—inc Creative Director

100% organic cotton

reduces the impact of toxic chemicals on the soils of our planet.

Recycled wool & cotton

used in Source Outerwear minimize waste that would otherwise enter landfills.

Made in the USA

we ensure ethical practices every step of the way.

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