It's more important than ever to reinvent the way we make products.

It's no secret that the textile industry tends to be quite wasteful. For every amazing pair of jeans, countless pieces of denim are thrown away. In a moment in which scientists are sharing definitive data that correlates industries with climate change, it's more important than ever to reinvent the way we make products. And fast.

We see beautiful opportunities to make better clothes. This includes renewing existing garments and reimagining how clothes are made in the first place.

To start exploring this bold new future, we worked with a few premium factories to source and upcycle their scraps. What was trash became true treasure.

Our bucket hat, trash pillow, and patchwork tee are our initial experiment in reclaiming and redefining existing materials.

Each is truly unique and truly one of one.
The Field of Flowers Concert Patchwork Tee is created with 100% recycled cotton tie dyed t-shirts. This tee was made by hand with visible stitching from handmade patches. Each is completely original and limited edition.

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Reimagine your home with the Trash Pillow.
100% recycled denim exterior. 100% upcycled clothing that was otherwise destined for landfills has been cleaned and repurposed as filling. We give clothing another life cycle. Ethically made in NYC.

This is really just the beginning.

We see many possibilities—from tees that are designed to be compostable, to fungi shoes, to upcycled everything. Check out the following resources to learn more:

Slow Factory: 

Fashion Revolution:

Geneva Environmental Network:

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