Take action this International Women's Day.

We've compiled a list of resources that need urgent support this International Women’s Day. There is no better time to offer time and resources to organizations that specialize in advocating for women in war-torn areas, from Ukraine to Yemen to Afghanistan. Find a compiled list of links and resources below. Holding our global community close to our hearts today and every day.  


Urgent ActionFund for Women’s Human Rights
Urgent Action Fund for Women’s Human Rights describes itself as: "A feminist fund that protects, strengthens, and sustains women and transgender human rights defenders at critical moments.” The organization awards Rapid Response Grants to help activists do the most good in Central Asia, the Middle East, Western and Eastern Europe, the South Caucuses, Russia, Turkey, the United States, and Canada. This includes offering assistance to migrant women.
Voices of Children
The Voices of Children Foundation has been helping children affected by the war since 2015. Their focus is on providing psychological and psychosocial support to children to help them overcome the consequences of armed conflict. They are currently working on assistance for children and families all over Ukraine, providing emergency psychological assistance, and assisting in the evacuation process.
Resources for Black Brown/LGBTQA+ Slavic Refugees
Kimberly St. Julian-Varnon, a historian specializing in Russian, Eastern European, and Soviet history, has consolidated crowdsourced resources for marginalized refugees in a LinkTree.
Insight Ukraine
Insight is a local human rights/LGBTQ+ organization that provides legal, psychological, and medical support to queer and trans Ukrainians, among other forms of advocacy. They are focused on connecting LGBTQ+ Ukrainians with crisis therapists, the organization is currently collecting funds “to cover needs [such as] shelter, relocation to safer places, food, basic needs.

Women’s economic empowerment in Yemen
After years of armed conflict, Yemen is in the midst of a humanitarian crisis. Yemeni women have had to find ways to support their families as the country deals with an economic crisis, wide-reaching food insecurity, and disease. Yemen Aid provides crucial support to women, offering them the tools and support to change their lives.

Akhaya Women
Based out of Myanmar, Akhaya Women is a local women’s organization led by and for women. It supports empowerment through individual and experiential learning in small women’s group settings to develop leadership skills. The Akhaya model supports women to undergo a process of individual transformation to question negative traditional beliefs about their own bodies and sexual being, to question social norms of masculinity, and to develop a belief in themselves and their own abilities.


Women’s League of Burma
Women’s League of Burma (WLB) was established in 1999 with the aim of increasing the participation of women in the struggle for democracy and human rights, promoting women’s participation in the national peace and reconciliation process, and enhancing the role of the women of Burma at the national and international level.


Women for Women
Women for Women invests where inequality is the greatest by helping women who are survivors of war and conflict. Through the Conflict Response Fund, Women for Women is working on reaching women and adolescent girls in Northern Rakhine State, Myanmar.


Afghan Women’s Network
Afghan Women's Network is the foundation for the Afghan women's movement, which serves as a stable network for the growth of women's organizations across Afghanistan. Afghan Women's Network acts as the umbrella for its member organizations. As well as projects related to issues such as gender-based violence, strengthening of youths and education for girls.


Women for Women
Women for Women invests where inequality is the greatest by helping women who are forgotten— the women survivors of war and conflict. We help them learn the skills they need to rebuild their families and communities.



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