Reset the Table

In August of 2019, we gathered pioneers who are reimagining the status quo for our first Reset the Table. Over a family meal, we discussed our collective vision of creating a more equitable future. Much of what we wanted to create with this experience was a moment of communal listening and discussion, along with personal reflection. 

The conversation was guided by an initial prototype of our Reset the Table Cards. 

Our takeaways:

  • + Less talk, more action
  • + Get comfortable with being uncomfortable
  • + Dont be afraid to acknowledge what you don’t know
  • + Show up
  • + Use your rage for good
  • + Be brave enough to love

Host your own conversations with Reset the Table Cards. Share your takeaways with us on social media.

We are grateful for those who helped us bring this event together:

  • The Culinistas
  • McBride Sisters
  • Armand de Brignac
  • Rock n’ Kohl 
  • Special Projects Media

Photos by Variety and Ashley Sky Walker

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