Our membership helps committed citizens from around the world stay motivated and active in social change.

Our members use the re—inc membership to weave activism into their daily lives. Despite their busy and complex lives, here are four reasons why change makers join the re—inc membership: a practice space for social change.

1. Guided personal growth and reflection

A movement is only as strong as the people in it. We support members’ growth through uniquely curated content, exclusive tools, and encouragement. Members build the strength and confidence to wield their power and privilege for progress.

2. Motivation from re—inc founders, social change experts, and creators

Get closer to Pinoe, Meg, Christen, and Tobin through exclusive conversations. Special events with re—inc founders, artists, creators, entrepreneurs and long-time change makers will keep you inspired and motivated to keep fighting for social change.

3. A community that uplifts, debates, and supports each other

In our practice space, members become friends and we activate change collectively. Join a diverse community of doers. Meet new people, fellow instigators, and collaborators who will inspire you to keep working towards a reimagined world. Members are given inspirational and educational content, challenges to grow, and the opportunity to take collective action through movements that matter.

4. Early access to coveted re–inc products.

Enjoy being first in line for re—inc’s purposefully made products. Sign up for early access to the Spring 2021 collection. Members receive early access to all drops—including limited edition items, special collaborations, and restocks. Never miss another drop.

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