Out Now
TH9 | 2022

“Out Now” is Tobin Heath’s ninth piece for re—inc, and her most vulnerable work of art yet. Created as a part of the Revolution Collection, Tobin’s process was an evolution in itself.

Starting by hand-mixing colors and painting letters inspired by the building blocks of her childhood, she did not have a final vision in mind. As she painted, the art inspired her and so, she started to play.

What resulted is a bold and brave structure that serves as an ode to the challenging process of personal discovery.

The auction opens June 14th at 6pm EDT for members only. We invite you to join membership to enter the auction and learn about the story behind the art.

"Out Now" will be on display at the Museum of Women thru Friday December 23rd, 2022. We will ship "Out Now" to the winning bidder after the exhibition.

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