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Our Sacred Space

An essay by Christen Press, co-Founder & co-CEO, on what it means to have sacred space.

I believe there is power in sacred spaces.

As I carefully craft the life I want to live, I know that I have to create the sacred spaces I believe in. I am responsible for building them, fortifying them, and honoring them. And in the sanctity of the spaces we create for ourselves, we find our inner wisdom, we find our peace, we find love in its purest form.

When I look at the ocean, at first I see the tumultuous waves crashing in a mess of foam and seaweed at the shore. But then, I look a little further to feel the vastness, resilience, and the infinite force of nature rooted in what’s beyond that which the eye can see. Underneath the surface, the water is still. And I know each of us has that stillness within. An inner knowing. A pocket of protected peace. Home to privacy and inward reflections and an intuition about Who.I.Am.

This is where I pride. Safe from the surfers and the storms above, my pride is nurtured. It is within me and around me. It is in my moments of quiet self-reflection. It is in my relationship, in the sacred knowing that I am with her for no other reason than love. Nothing but me. And her. And love.

Inspired by our Revolutionary Love Collection and Pride month as a whole, this piece is an outtake of Christen's reflection. Join the RE—INC Membership to read Christen's full essay about liberation without exception and the sacredness of community.


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