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Meet Alyx: Abortion Rights Activist & Reimaginer

Alyx (she/her/ella) channels rage into action. Q: Tell us a bit about yourself.   A: I currently live in Jacksonville, FL. I work as the Network Building Coordinator at Florida...

Alyx (she/her/ella) channels rage into action.

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself.
A: I currently live in Jacksonville, FL. I work as the Network Building Coordinator at Florida Access Network, an abortion fund based in FL - we pay for people’s abortions as well as any other barriers that may come with accessing care: lodging, chilcare, transportation, etc.
Some of my current passions and hobbies are paddleboarding, spending time with my pets, doing lots of karaoke, and advocating for abortion rights. I love being able to connect with people that share similar values to mine and create spaces where we can coexist and share our passion for basic human rights, including abortion and any other intersectional topic.
Q: So much of our company is rooted in the re—inc founders' own quest to reimagine norms and barriers society has placed on us. How do you reimagine norms in your life?
A: I love being unapologetically queer and pro abortion and I make sure to be as open as possible about it to help destigmatize them! I strive to ensure people know that abortion rights are an intersectional issue. Cis straight women are not the only ones that need abortion care, myself as well as my organization always advocate for queer and trans rights and inclusivity. It’s so important to acknowledge how all of these issues tie together to ensure everyone receives the care they need, whether it is abortion, gender affirming care, or any other type of assistance.
Q: With our new collection, All The Rage, we're drawing awareness to the beauty of gender freedom and calling attention to gender injustice. How do you channel your rage into action?
A: I take advantage of every opportunity to speak out at events and use my social media to help destigmatize abortion and LGBTQ+ issues. I love organizing events and fundraisers. Whether it’s just to connect like minded folks or help secure resources for a cause, these outlets are how I take my rage and turn it into action.
Q: Can you share a book that has been influential in the work you do?
A: You’re the Only One I’ve Told - The Stories Behind Abortion by Meera Shah is an amazing biography about Dr. Shah and how her patients confided in her with their abortion stories. She shares those stories in this book to help dismantle stigma and help people empathize with those whose experiences aren’t like theirs.

Q: With the ongoing fight for progress and equity, we stand on the shoulders of those before and around us. Can you share a person of the abortion rights movement, contemporary or historical, who has inspired the work you do and why?
A: There are so many people that have inspired me, but I’d like to name two: Dorothy Pitman Hughes - a Black feminist, abortion, and child-wellfare advocate; and Viva Ruiz from Thank God for Abortion - an abortion rights activist that uses art to destigmatize the ties of abortion and religion and how religious people can be pro-abortion.

Q: At times, these past few months have felt hard. What keeps you hopeful in the fight for progress?
A: I’m inspired to see everyone that has been moved and compelled to take action on the matter. Our two main issues in Florida right now are the abortion bans and the homophobic/transphobic laws that have been passed. It has been beautiful to see how our community has shown up, donated, volunteered their time and resources, and helped normalize abortion and queerness - that’s what keeps me going!
Q: One of our core beliefs is that you must nourish yourself in order to persevere and create change. How do you care for yourself and replenish your spirit?
A: Taking care of my mental health is a big one! In order to help the people we serve, we need to make sure we have the capacity. I make sure to set boundaries between my work and personal life to the best of my abilities so I can better assist folks reaching out to us for care. My favorite way to disconnect is going out to a lake or river and paddleboarding or going to the park to read!

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