Gamers ready?

This week we launched our first NFT card on OpenSea. This first card is part of a limited edition set of cards that commemorate our fight—both on and off the field—for gender and racial equity in all that we do. It lives alongside our Gamer Collection, coming soon.

The cards were envisioned by Tobin Heath and designed in collaboration with Eddie Opara, Lili Phillips, Raoul Gottschling, Ruben Gijselhart, and Cheryl Fichter.

We founded re—inc with the mission of inspiring more people to reimagine the status quo. Though crypto in many ways bucks the status quo, there's more room for progress and equity in the space. The crypto bull market has been cornered largely by men (perhaps no surprise there). We saw the opportunity to get in and create more space for the rest of us.

We're donating 7% of proceeds from the cards to Black Girls Code, a non-profit organization that focuses on providing technology education for Black girls across the country, and buying carbon credits to offset emissions.

We'll be dropping a new card each week.