The story of the Free To Be

Who gets to be free? Are you free to be? This is a vision of the power and space to be your full self, your true identity. It is an affirmation that we all deserve to be free.

This drop features a series of custom handmade, tie-dyed tees and socks. The tees are soft organic cotton in three different styles. The socks are our beloved finely knit style.

Envisioned in Portland. Responsibly made in Brooklyn.

This drop explores the freedom to be you.

When we’re true to ourselves, we can discover a personal freedom that transcends the boundaries others create. Yet pressure to fit in, to conform, or to be defined by others often makes this challenging. For some folks, being true to their identity can be dangerous.

What makes you feel true to yourself? What values do you hold close? How can you encourage others in your life to be true to themselves?

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