The story of the Refresh Drop

The Refresh Drop is light, tangy, and full of flavor. It celebrates the inner power and joy we all have within us, the intersection of identities and ideas that make us whole, and the pursuit of feeling refreshed.

This drop features three styles of perfectly tailored organic soft cotton white tees, each with a colorful re—inc logo.

Envisioned in Portland. Responsibly made in a women-owned factory in Brooklyn.

This drop explores the freedom to be well.

When we're refreshed and well, we thrive. We feel a sense of blissful energy and acceptance. Yet,cultivating wellbeing in the midst of this moment and this movement can feel especially challenging.

Access and equity in wellness have also been historically biased. What have you experienced in the pursuit of wellbeing? What makes you feel well? How can we create space for more people to be well?

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