COVID-19 Response

Hello beautiful re—community,

I hope you are able to find some love and peace in this difficult moment. We are all in this together.

At re—inc, we are working to provide leadership, care, and compassion in the midst of these very uncertain times. In light of our upcoming product launch, we want to share the principles we're enacting in all that we do:

  1. Protect our community.
    Our first priority is the health and wellbeing of everyone within our community. That's why we are staying connected to our community, creating space for all to share and be heard, and personally engaging in meaningful and relevant conversation. At the same time, we check in as co-founders, together as a team, and with our partners every day to ensure that we are taking every appropriate precaution in each moment to safeguard and support our employees, partners, and customers. 
  2. Keep creating progress. Keep sparking hope.
    As leaders of an emerging business that has set out to make a positive impact, we feel it's our responsibility to keep going. We're driven by a purpose to reimagine the status quo and don't want to stop doing that, ever. We provide needed job security for our employees and their families—even though it's just a few people, we take that very seriously. And we believe our product is a symbol of hope, unity, inspiration, and brightness for many. We’re excited to deliver that now more than ever, and will be doing so soon with the launch of our upcoming Black & White Capsule. 
  3. Give immediate support.
    As a company, we've always stood behind organizations and ideas that promote equity, progress, and art. In this moment, we see the urgent need for immediate relief for medical professionals on the frontlines of the pandemic. In heartfelt recognition of that, we are donating 5% of all BW Capsule sales through April 22 to #GetUsPPE, a national organization that helps healthcare providers on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic get the personal protective equipment they desperately need. We hope our community will be proud to wear re—inc products because of what they represent. We know you will all stand with us in supporting healthcare workers on the frontlines.

Stay home. Stay safe. 

With love, 

re—inc CEO and co-founder