RWB Capsule – Reimagined Tee

The re—imagined RWB Box Tees are art on art. They are a way of continuing to celebrate and share stories with our clothing line. The text and images commemorate the capsule, making these limited pieces collectors items. These tees are about celebrating the power to re—create and and re—purpose.

Nothing is fixed. Nothing is finished. Again, but better. Progress and art.

RWB Capsule

The RWB capsule reimagines how clothes define who we are. They are designed to fashion a distinct look for every unique body—a reinterpretation of streetwear, a rejection of masculine and feminine labels. A template, an expression, and an empowerment of the self, in sizes that are fit just for you.

The colors nod to our World Cup journey this summer, while reconfiguring the traditional patriotic color scheme in earthy tones that ask us to reflect on what it truly means to be patriotic, and how best to represent our country. Patriotism re—defined.

RWB Collection

The RWB artwork is a play on the french motto: Liberté, Equalité, Fraternité—a nod to the 2019 World Cup in France. We flipped the word fraternité (fraternity), acknowledging the inherent sexism in the slogan. We chose the word défendez (defend) to acknowledge the many ways we defend our title on the field and our dignity in the world.

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