In July 2020, we embarked on a five-week membership journey with 1,300 Reimaginers that sought to find the inner-strength, the ideas, and the practices that might help individuals make change in their life and communities.

Members of the experience made a commitment to reclaiming their stories, reimagining their future, revisiting their values, and recognizing personal privilege in order to redirect their individual power towards changing the status quo.

Each week, members received curated ideas from inspiring experts and practitioners, re—inc tools for reflection, prompts for conversation with each other, videos of encouragement from founders, and a special 500-person group meditation.

It was an incredible experience that we want others to access too.

We’ve created the re—workbook to share a selection of the same exercises and ideas that our community of reimaginers found useful. We do not offer a quick fix—this is only one way to do the work of defining how you want your life to have impact.

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